NHBC Warranty Accepted!

During 2017, we put our flint blocks through rigorous testing procedures to get written confirmation that our blocks are of superior quality. We are the only flint block company to have put our blocks through such extensive testing and are very proud to say that the testing has been positive.  A full overview of the test results is on our flint block specification page and you are welcome to email us for a copy of the testing certificates.


Working with NHBC throughout the process, we are delighted they have come back with the following statement:

“Based on the information received, the use of South Downs Flint flint blocks in the outer leaf of traditional masonry cavity wall construction can be acceptable on residential properties covered by NHBC warranty, provided that:

(1)        masonry walls incorporating the blocks accord with NHBC Standards Chapter 6.1,

(2)        dwellings comply with Building Regulations Approved Document A (Structure) and must not exceed three storeys in height,

(3)        the flint blocks are not used in:

  1. exposure zones defined as ‘severe’ or ‘very severe’ in Clause 6.1.6,
  2. masonry below DPC,

iii.       masonry parapet construction.


Relevant test results should be made available to building designers on request to enable them to undertake design calculations in accordance with British Standards.”

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